Breaking Through Unfounded Fears

This past week and a half I have been overworking myself and have been at a crossing point where I’m not sure what my next move is. One thing I know for certain, I’m doing too much. Another thing I know, I’m still adding on more things to try to balance out my life. I know what I need more of in my life, so I’m making those things happen, but I also know that I need more free time to do nothing, and I’m not making that happen.

One thing I’ve been good at adding into my life is more of a social life. I have been lacking that for awhile, but for about the past month I have made a successful effort in going out more, doing more fun things and going on more mini-adventures.

This past Friday, I was invited out to dinner & drinks in San Francisco with fellow digital nomads that I’ve only met online before. Digital nomads are people that use the internet to create location independent businesses so they can live and work anywhere they wish.

Up until Friday, I was sleeping very little and working myself to exhaustion. I would literally fall asleep with the computer in my lap, on the couch, at the table or in my bed. So when the evening came around and I was finishing my work, I was contemplating not going.

I knew that of course I was going to go. It was my chance to meet Cody McKibben in-person. He had been living in Thailand for the past 3 years and doesn’t stay in the states long. Cody created the site Thrilling Heroics and created the Digital Nomad Academy, a year long mentorship program that helps people to create location independent businesses. It was also my chance to meet and connect with other people who are already doing what I want to be doing, living full location independent lifestyles.

Before I left, I got berated with warnings: “Be Careful”, “You’re not a good driver”, “Be safe”… Then I started to remember what people have been telling me since I told them about my last San Fran trip I made by myself at night: “Did you hear about that serial rapist?” and I remembered what I’ve been seeing on the news: murders, beatings and muggings. With all of those thoughts ruminating in my mind, naturally, I started to build this negative mentality towards going out.

As I got into the car, I told those thoughts to shut up. I went out two weeks before to the city by myself. I navigated the public transportation and walked around by myself at night, finding locations I’ve never been to before and I had a blast. I was completely fine. And two weeks prior the difference was that my thoughts weren’t plagued with negativity. I was confident, stress free and happy. So as I was driving down there, I changed my mentality, and I had a blast from the start.

I met Cody, his sister Jamie, her fiance Peter and two of their friends, Tim and Nicole, for dinner. Then we went out to meet up with another digital nomad, Maneesh Sethi, of Hack The System, as well as Sasha, who travels from place to place every few months due to freelancing and a nice some of money he saved before quitting his corporate job and we briefly met with Charlie, a guy who is really good at marketing. Charlie helped Tim Ferriss write, edit and market his book The 4-Hour Body.

Maneesh, Me & Sasha. My eyes are closed in most group pictures, whether I've been drinking or not. :)

The common thread that blew my mind was everybody’s age. Maneesh is 24 (my age). Cody is between 26 and 28. Sasha looked really young, around our age, and Charlie is 25. These are people who know how to leverage the internet, their skills and/or their passions to make enough money to allow them to live the lifestyle they want or to flat out make bank, and they’re so young. I think a lot of the time people put others who do great things on pedestals, like Cody and the guys I met. But they’re just chill, low key, real people who are around my age and the difference between them and the majority of people is that they take action. They take action on what they want. They do what needs to get done. They put their stuff out their in the world. They try. They do. And because they kept on trying and doing, they are where they are right now, being able to travel the world & living the lifestyle they want, while helping others to do the same.

I’m really glad I went out. It was fun to connect with them and inspiring. I’m 24. Why should my age stop me from doing great things, from inspiring others or from living the lifestyle that I want? With the age of the internet, it’s creating this wave of entrepreneurship where the younger generations are beginning to dominate and make a big impact on the world. I feel so young, but at the same time I am an adult. We’re this new wave of adults, who are still kids at heart, and we’re  making things happen.

Here’s an article that Cody wrote recently, The Top 10 Young Heavyweight Entrepreneurs of 2011. The people in this list come from the 30 Under 30 List, a list of 30 Entrepreneurs under 30 years old who have created businesses that are making a lot of money and that are changing the way we do things. Some of the people on this list created Dropbox (file sharing), Instagram (photo sharing), 99 Designs (a collaborative and cost effective way to get logos, etc.) and Spotify (music).

Going out with them solidified a couple of things for me:

1) I can create anything I set my mind to.

2) My mindset and mentality is the only thing holding me back or pushing me forward.

3) I need to start doing more, putting more things out there, creating products and I need to stress and worry less.

It would have been horrible if I let the negative thoughts of others and myself prevent myself from going out this past Friday night. I would have missed out on a lot.

What things in life are you preventing yourself from doing? Why? What opportunities can you open up to yourself if you start saying “Yes” to life.

– Emelina

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  1. Hey Emelina, for some reason, I *just* saw this. Great write up! Thanks for sharing your experience, it was a blast to get to meet you in person! 😀

  2. Most definitely. :) It was great meeting you in person too. I had a great time! :)

  3. Wow, Emelina, so cool you got to meet these smart kids! So Cody “is between 26 and 28″? Why the confusion? 😉 Keep up the great work!

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