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We are in control. We’ll never complete our goals, never see our dreams reach reality, etc unless we start to do something about it. I really want to thank Emelina Minero for being such a wonderful and special person. She has really made a difference in my life by making sure I focus on my passions, my happiness, and reaching my goals. Although I’m not nearly as far in my career as I would like to be, I think that before I got my new job, I was stuck in a rut. I had been at the same dead end job since graduation and I stuck there. I think Emelina you really focus on making us start walking down the right paths, putting one foot in front of the other. You have to keep moving.

– Audra Leigh

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Inspire yourself by reading others’ bucket lists. See what other people around the world are doing. Become part of the global community and see how you can help others achieve their bucket lists.

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  8. My Bucket List: Anh-Chi – Los Angeles, CA
  9. My Bucket List: Emma Hackett (Gaussoin-Radcliffe) – Chico, CA
  10. My Bucket List: Albert Minero Jr – Petaluma, CA
  11. My Bucket List: Matthew Kawika Ho – Petaluma, CA/The World
  12. My Bucket List: Brian Gunn – Cotati, CA
  13. My Bucket List: Renee Ho – Petaluma, CA/The World
  14. My Bucket List: Janis Ericson – San Francisco, CA
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  16. My Bucket List: Malia Ho – Los Angeles, CA
  17. My Bucket List: Dinah King – Norfolk, VA
  18. My Bucket List: Al Minero – Petaluma, CA/The World
  19. My Bucket List: Laura P – Baltimore, MD
  20. My Bucket List: Anthony Borba – Two Rock, CA
  21. My Bucket List: Kristina Minero – Two Rock, CA
  22. My Bucket List: Aneliese – Shawnee, OK & Toms Brook, VA
  23. My Bucket List: Bobs – Massachusetts
  24. My Bucket List: Tara Brown – Coventry, UK and Seattle, Washington
  25. My Bucket List: Jessica Luce – Smyrna, Georgia
  26. My Bucket List: Felisha Strother – Indianapolis, Indiana
  27. My Bucket List: Stefanie — Independence, KY
  28. My Bucket List: Lucibel Nunez — Santa Rosa, CA
  29. My Bucket List: Jamie Steigerwald — Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  30. My Bucket List: Jessica Raymond — San Diego, CA
  31. My Bucket List: Yasmine Khater — Madrid, Spain
  32. My Bucket List: Craig Smith — Dumont, NJ
  33. My Bucket List: Lerena – Dalian, China
  34. My Bucket List: Bella – China
  35. My Bucket List: Susan English – Dalian, Liaoning, China
  36. My Bucket List: Candice Ortale – Coconut Creek, Florida
  37. My Bucket List: Danielle H. – Roanoke, VA
  38. My Bucket List: Michaela – Durham, NC
  39. My Bucket List: Katelyn Bulluck – Atlanta, GA
  40. My Bucket List: Wuisa – Virginia, U.S./Colombia
  41. My Bucket List: Hannah Coleman, Atlanta, GA
  42. My Bucket List: Chelsie, Manchester, KY
  43. My Bucket List: Shweta, London, UK
  44. My Bucket List: Angela Mcconville, West Sacramento, CA
  45. My Bucket List: Rebecca Keown – Mogadore, OH
  46. My Bucket List: Gwen Johnson – United States
  47. My Bucket List: John Herrmann – Glen Allen, VA

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What Lies Ahead for Community Bucket List

It’s my goal that through Community Bucket List, people from around the world will unite and find commonalities in each other, realizing we all have similar passions or if not, we all have something that drives us. We all have needs, desires and goals. It’s my hope that we’ll create a community of global citizens, enabling each other in achieving our goals, thus helping everybody spread their passions into the world.

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